“Your Dream Home”: The Mansion of the Motion Picture Machine Inventor Awaits!

Is this in a movie or reality? 🏰 This amazing house will blow your mind with its historic architecture and stunning interior! ✨ Chech out the inside of this house in the comments 👇

This big, beautiful house was made by Archimedes Russell, who was a famous architect and teacher at Syracuse University. He built it in 1903.

It used to be owned by Willard Charles Lipe, who did many different things in Syracuse. He’s known for making a machine for movies and starting the Rollway Bearing Company.

The house is 4,686 square feet. It has 8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a library, and a room for family time or music.

Every part of this house reminds you of a long time ago. From the big entrance area to the nice staircase and the pretty glass windows, everything feels old-fashioned.

There’s also another building called the carriage house. It’s been updated with a new kitchen, a room for family time, a bathroom with marble, and a bedroom. It’s great for guests or family.

If you want to live in the house of the person who made the movie machine, this is your chance!

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