“Brain Teaser Test”: Spot the Mistake Inside the Backyard Garden Picture in 15 Seconds

Here is an interesting brain teaser for you to check your IQ!

Can You Spot the Mistake Inside the Backyard Garden Picture in 15 Seconds?

Look closely at the picture of the backyard. There’s a mistake in the small garden area.

Some puzzles don’t need math or tricky thinking, just good observation. This one is tricky but simple. It doesn’t take much time or brainpower to solve. It’s satisfying when you figure it out quickly. This brain teaser is a fun way to test how well you notice things. But for a real measure of intelligence, taking an actual IQ test is a good idea.

Scroll down to find the answer to the brain teaser test!

Brain Teaser Answer 

People might try to find a mistake in the garden itself, but the real issue is with the watering can. The watering can is not the right kind. It doesn’t have holes in it. Without holes, it can’t be used to water the plants.

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