Stephen Moyer Reveals the Joy of Collaborating with Wife Anna Paquin: ‘I Miss Her When We’re Not Working Together’ (Exclusive)

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin really enjoy working together. They first met on the set of True Blood in 2009, got married in 2010, and had twins in 2012. Even after all these years, they still love working on projects together.

Moyer, who is now in a new show called Sexy Beast, says it’s the best thing. People often ask if it’s strange to work with your spouse, but for them, it’s not. They met on set and spent seven years working together every day. So, when they’re not working together, it feels like something is missing.

The couple has also collaborated on Paquin’s show Flack and the recent film A Bit of Light. Moyer says they have a special understanding on set. They can communicate without words, like when he looks at her, she knows what he’s thinking. It’s like they can finish each other’s sentences, or as he jokingly puts it, “finish each other’s sandwiches” – a line from Frozen.

For Moyer’s role in Sexy Beast, he had to change his appearance. He dyed his hair black and got a spray tan every week. He explains that in the cities where they filmed, like Liverpool standing in for London, spray tans are quite common. The new look helped him get into the character of Teddy Bass, who is described as “overly confident.” Moyer even developed a swagger for the role. However, he admits it was strange to see himself looking so different in the mirror, not like the usual pale guy with graying hair, but a jet-black, super-tan dude.

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