Kate Middleton Marks a Significant Milestone While Recovering from Abdominal Surgery

Kate Middleton is getting better at home after an operation on her stomach. She’s also celebrating the one-year anniversary of a special project she started.

The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood posted a video on Instagram about Shaping Us, the project Kate launched in January 2023. This project focuses on how important the early years of a person’s life are.

The video showed clips of Kate doing different things for Shaping Us in the past year. She visited classrooms, talked to men at a rugby field, played with special needs children, and gave a speech at the Shaping Us National Symposium.

Kate, who is 42, cares a lot about helping vulnerable people and those in need, especially children. She said in her speech, “If we can create a society that sees the child in every adult and the adult in every child, we will finally start to change it for the better.”

The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood mentioned in their post that there’s more to come in 2024.

Right now, Kate is recovering at home in Windsor after surgery on January 16. She was discharged from the hospital this week. Her surgery went well, but she’ll need 10 to 14 days to recover at home. She won’t be back to public duties until after Easter.

Kate’s surgery was planned, and it wasn’t because of cancer. Prince William, her husband, is supporting her during recovery and taking care of their three children. He postponed his duties to be with Kate.

A source close to the royal household said it’s sensible for Kate to take the time she needs to recover properly. They think she’ll bounce back and that she’s in good hands. The source also mentioned that it’s a good example for everyone to see someone taking the necessary time for recovery.

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