Russell Crowe Shares How He Fractured Both Legs While Filming Robin Hood but Soldiered On

Russell Crowe has always been keen on doing his own stunts, but during the filming of Robin Hood in 2010, he had a mishap that turned out to be a bigger deal later on.

He jumped off a castle entrance onto hard, uneven ground without proper preparation. There should have been a cushion, but they were in a hurry to finish filming before it got too dark.

Crowe didn’t realize the danger until he was already in mid-air. With lots of people around and the set on fire, he couldn’t back out. When he landed, he felt a sharp pain shoot through his body. He toughed it out for the rest of the shoot, but the last month was tough.

He never told anyone about his injury and continued working without taking a break. A decade later, he started feeling strange pains in his legs. Doctors found old fractures in both shin bones from the Robin Hood incident.

Crowe was surprised to learn he had finished the movie with broken legs without realizing it. He didn’t wear casts or take painkillers, just kept going.

Looking back, he realized he took a year off after Robin Hood before doing intense training for Man of Steel in 2013, which helped heal his legs.

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