Man bought an old pub and found a source of wealth

What a lucky man!

Doran Binder decided to start his life from anew page after his divorce. He bought the old Crag Inn pub with the money he had saved up.

The man had bought the pub as his main housing and didn’t count on any earnings.

“I bought the pub so that I could see my children more often as their school is nearby. A job was the last thing I was thinking about at that time’, said the man.

Doran wasn’t even aware that he had bought a real source of wealth. It turned out, that there was a clean spring under the pub. Doran was in actual shock, when Blair Water employees told him the amazing news.

“Blair Water employees approached me and told that I had the cleanest fresh water in the whole region”.

The man decided to send the water to a local laboratory for dome research. When positive results came from the laboratory, Binder decided to set up his own company “Crag Spring Water”.

Right now the man has 12 employees. This product is in great demand and the locals don’t mind the high price of the water. Bottles became the main feature if the company. Doran cares about the environment and the nature, so he completely rejects the use of plastic bottles. Instead, he sells his water in branded glass bottles.

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