Brad Pitt showed with his own example how to behave in difficult times

The actor was working in a volunteer center!

In case you didn’t know, a number of artists recently got into a new scandal when they demanded benefits and discounts, saying during the pandemic they don’t have the same earnings and it’s unfair. And here is famous Hollywood actor Brad Pitt giving everyone a lesson on how a man should behave when in a difficult condition.

Brad Pitt himself and not on the set. The actor was working in a volunteer center.

This photo was taken a few hours after he got “caught”. And before that, no one had paid attention to the ordinary man in shabby jeans and a shirt. A mask on his face, dark glasses, neutral behavior – Pitt drove trucks, unloaded them, carried boxes and other cargo himself. In short, he worked as any other volunteer without drawing anyone’s attention.

The man is not young , almost retired (56 years old). Yes, he is in good physical shape and he has plenty of money, so Pitt decided to work as a loader not for himself or PR, but because it was necessary. It is necessary for the residents of Los Angeles, where he lives himself. There was food in the boxes, and other necessities for those in need. As other volunteers noted, even after being caught, the actor behaved very simply. For example, he didn’t scorn to have a snack with fried eggs on a simple plastic plate from a local cafe, like everyone else.

After the work, Pitt chatted and took photos with the volunteers. It was obvious that he enjoyed both work, and live communication, and the opportunity to be of some use. We may as well understand the actor’s emotions. He is still involved in the scandalous divorce with Jolie and the registration of custody of children. Not so long ago he broke up with another beauty Nicole Poturalski. In general, he is tired of all this bohemia. And here is a great opportunity to feel somehow useful, take a break from all the scrutiny and falsehood. And it’s not difficult, is it?

So draw a conclusion about how you can and should behave as a celebrity.

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