Mira Sorvino Gets Emotional at 90s Con Discussing Harvey Weinstein’s Impact on Her Career

Join Mira Sorvino at 90s Con as she bravely shares her Hollywood journey, shedding light on the challenges she faced and the impact of Harvey Weinstein on her career 🎤✨ Her heartfelt words are not to be missed.

Mira Sorvino talked openly about her time in Hollywood at the 90s Con this past weekend.

During a panel alongside Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon, hosted by PEOPLE’s Editor-in-Chief Wendy Naugle, Sorvino shared the challenges she faced in her career. She mentioned that when she was nominated for an Oscar, her contracts had clauses saying she’d get better deals if she won. Winning boosted her career, but she faced difficulties, especially after rejecting Harvey Weinstein’s advances.

Weinstein was later found guilty of sexual assault. Sorvino, like others, had spoken out against him. She noted how her career suffered afterward, with fewer offers for roles.

Sorvino also mentioned her family and her work as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, which she values more than fame. Susan Sarandon added that people who enabled abusers like Weinstein should be held accountable too.

Despite the challenges, Sorvino continued acting in various projects, including TV shows and movies. She praised the efforts for more diversity behind the scenes, like having more female directors and crew members.

The 90s Con featured reunions from popular 90s shows and movies, including Thelma & Louise, which starred Davis and Sarandon.

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