What eyes. What does the son of the most tattooed couple in Brazil look like?

Meet the most tattooed couple in Brazil. The couple became famous all over the world due to their bright appearance.

The couple has a 4-year-old son, Antonio. Fans of the diva are given: “What a bright baby you have.”

The other day, Antonio’s mother posted another picture of the boy, delighting the Network.

“Such a sweetheart”, “Poor thing”, “Very good boy”, “Such a kind smile”, “He was unlucky with his parents”,

“A beautiful child”, “And did they think about him?”, “And what example do they set for their son?”, “It is a pity that he has such parents”, “A cheerful family. Happiness to you”, “What cool,” wrote netizens.

What do you say? How do you feel about tattoos? Would you dare for such an unusual image?

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