92-year-old pediatrician treats children from poor families for free

A great specialist, loving husband and, which is the most important, a kind-hearted human!

Ivan Fontoura is a 92y/o pediatrician from Brazil. He is known and loved by many. After all, he is not only a very good doctor, but also a kind-hearted human. He visits poor families to treat their children for free. He retired at the age of 68, but still can’t imagine his life without his job.

Every Monday and Wednesday, Ivan Fontoura conducts regular check-ups and treats children from poor families for free.

“I am going to work as long as I am able to…”, says Ivan.

He is a very humble person and always helps people, regardless of their race and financial state.

“He has a great heart, and just loves to help those in need. My husband wants all children to have a decent and healthy life,” says his wife Martha.

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