“Life of Surrogate Mother”: Woman Can’t Leave the Baby She Had for a Strange Couple

Surrogate mother can’t let her baby go 💔 Follow their story to learn what happened after 2 years of mutual life 😥🤯 Check out the comments 👇

In September 2019, a woman named Emily Crislip agreed to have a baby for a couple from China. After her own son Camden was born and turned two in 2021, she made this decision. When she had her own baby, she thought about how sad it must be for people who can’t have children.

The Chinese couple were supposed to come to the United States for the birth, but the pandamic made them change plans. Emily gave birth to the baby girl, but nobody came to get her.

Emily said the couple could watch the birth in the hospital. They were supposed to have their own room, and Emily would have hers. Her job was supposed to be done after the baby was born.

The new parents asked Emily to take care of the baby so she wouldn’t have to go to a daycare center because they couldn’t travel to the States.

Emily and her husband Brandon agreed to watch the baby for four weeks. They didn’t know she would end up staying with them for almost a year. Emily tries to create some distance with the baby, knowing she will have to give her back to her real parents eventually.

Emily keeps in touch with the couple from China so the baby can get used to hearing her parents’ voices and seeing their pictures.

“We care for her and always will, but we know she’s not really ours,” Emily said. “We treat her like our own because it’s important for her to feel loved and cared for.”

Emily isn’t sure if she’ll be a surrogate mother again after having her own baby a year later. She might do it again, but only for the same couple.

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