“Fantastic abs”: Emily Ratajkowski charmed her followers with an incredible figure a month after giving birth

Many women cannot understand how in such a period of time she achieved such a result

A few days ago, the famous American model Emily Ratajkowski pleased her followers with a fresh picture, posting a video in a bathing suit on her social media page.

At the beginning of this year, the model gave birth to a boy, and already today her figure looks so taut. A few days ago, she showed followers bathing suits from her personal brand.

The piquant video of the model caused a storm of discussions on the Web. Followers showered the girl with compliments, noting her slender figure. Many women cannot understand how in such a period of time, Ratajkowski achieved such a result.

Fans paid special attention to the celebrity’s abs, which is really impressive. In the video Emily showed off all her appetizing forms, which her male audience probably appreciated.


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It is worth noting that this is not the first time that Ratajkowski impresses fans with her luxurious figure. By the way, even during pregnancy, she shared quite racy shots with her fans.

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