“The kid with an old man’s face”: an unusual baby was born in Kazakhstan

Unfortunately, in human nature there are numerous genetic diseases, that may ruin a person’s life just because they are different than others by appearance.

The same thing happened in a family from Kazakhstan. The couple had a baby that looked generally healthy. He was named Ernar. After a while his skin lost elasticity. The baby’s face turned into an old man’s face.

When the boy turned 6, it was possible to confuse him with an old man. The boy’s mother was really worried and turned to many doctors. The boy was diagnosed with pathology – cutis laxa.

However, the matter doesn’t end with this only. The problem is, in addition to this disease there are some others related to it. The doctor’s still cannot explain why and from where the baby got the disease.

Although the disease is impossible to cure, he still can undergo plastic surgeries, which can help Ernar look more like his peers. One such surgery has already been done, and there are many others awaiting him. The doctors have removed the skin hanging under his eyes.

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