She’s only 94, and look what she can do!

This old lady believes not in age, but in the power of energy!

Tao Porchon-Lynch got into the Guinness book of Records as the oldest yoga teacher. She doesn’t look 94, as she could keep her mind and body in harmony.

This woman gives yoga lessons and is engaged in ballroom dances. The evidence of Tao’s spirit is at least the fact that a few years ago she broke her hip joint. Doctors said, she wouldn’t be able to run an active lifestyle as before, but the woman never gave up.

When Tao took up dancing she was 84. At first she learned tango, then samba and cha-cha-cha. Later she learnt the rest of ballroom dances.

One day a young man came to her studio and after the lesson confessed that he wanted to just look at Tao more than to dance. “You are my muse”,- said he to the woman.

According to Tao, everyone can keep the youth of their spirit. Her secret lies in the ability to control her thoughts. The woman never stops claiming that they materialize. It means you only need to think positively.

“I don’t believe in age, I believe in the power of energy”,-answers Tao, when she’s reproached for being too active in her age.

Tao took up yoga at 8. She occasionally goes to India to take a few lessons from the great masters there.

“It’s important to feel that there is energy inside of us to do anything”,- says this wonderful woman.

She has recently broken her leg and wrist, has undergone a difficult operation and hip replacement. But when the doctors warned Tao she wouldn’t be able to do complicated physical exercises any more, she just waved away.

The woman says for her the most important thing is that she can. And if there’s a will, there’s a way. Tao brings nature as an example, that always regenerates. As in winter it looks dead, but every spring we see incredible changes, like the appearance of leaves and flowers. A person can do so too! Everyone has a huge potential to start everything from a new page.

Some doctors shrugged their shoulders, others said she was crazy…but a few months later Tao’s doctor received a letter. In the envelop, there was a photograph of the woman performing a handstand.

Think about this amazing old lady more often! Let her be your inspiration and an example of how to enjoy your life properly!

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