A young mother and her daughter are just swimming!? Now take a close look at the water behind their shoulders!

The beach vacation would’ve been much better for this mother and her two babies, if the father of the family was present. But, unfortunately, he’s a soldier, and on duty, he is often forced to be absent. Army regulations are strict. But still, even the authorities can make a small indulgence.

The younger son is used to the constant absence of the father. He plays in the water and enjoys his life. But the daughter was completely upset. She keeps asking her mom about her father, and she always replies, that he promised to come on vacation the other day, they just have to wait a little bit more.

Luckily, the soldier managed to go on vacation much earlier than expected. And he decided to surprise his family. Now look closely at the water behind this wonderful family. Don’t you spot anything? Then watch the video, and you will get it.

A friend of this family became the author of the video. He said the little girl, he was going to film a video message for her father. He asked the mother and the children to pose in front of the camera distracting them from the sea. And when a huge figure in scuba gear grew up behind the woman, she understood everything. She was over the moon!

The meeting was very touching. The dad and his wonderful friend did a great job! The daughter was so surprised, she kept saying: “That’s my daddy, daddy…!” and didn’t let him go. This family will forever remember the happy moment of their reunion.

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