This guy is 31, and his girlfriend is 91. All ages are submissive to love, don’t you agree?

This unusual couple is a living embodiment of the proverb “all ages are submissive to love”. Kyle Jones (31) and a 91-year-old granny Marjorie McCool are dating.

The couple gave many interviews and they are often seen in social media.

During an interview Marjorie replied:

“His love and care is all I need”, noted Marjorie.

Her 31-year-old boyfriend also shared details with the interviewers. After learning the details, you might wonder: “How is this even possible?”

Kyle also noted, he has no interest in the money his beloved one owns.

The lovers first met each other in a bookstore in 2009. At that time, Marjorie was single. She divorced her husband 37 years ago, and finally agreed to go on a date with Kyle. Many people think, Kyle’s goal is to take Marjorie’s inheritance into his own hands. However, to the disappointment of all these people, she has no savings at all!

Although there is one red flag: besides Marjorie, Kyle has 5 more elderly lovers

Marjorie admits, she was really jealous of her boyfriend. But then she realized, that after them he always returned to her, and calmed down. Although there is a huge difference between their ages, she is truly happy. Isn’t this the most important thing in a relationship?

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