The man got tired of his miserable life, so he sold it on eBay

Ian Asher is a unique person who managed to radically change his existence at the age of 48. His story is so amazing that we can’t help but tell it to you.

Ian Asher was married to a girl named Laura. Together they decided to move from England to Australia for permanent residence. However, a few years after emigration, his wife left him.

Asher was 48 years old and he was fed up with failures, so he put everything he had up for auction on eBay.

For all his property the Briton got 192 thousand pounds sterling.

He sold all his vehicles.

Ian managed to “sell” even his fellows and the position of a carpet seller.

Having sold everything he had, the man went on a journey.

The Briton wanted to feel and experience all the delights of life. So he began to try everything that he would not have had the courage to do before. He ran from bulls, swam with white sharks and went to the Cannes Film Festival.

Ian Asher created a list of goals consisting of hundreds of items that he wanted to achieve in 100 weeks. The result was 93 successful plans, including mastering the French language, flying an airplane and getting to know Richard Branson.

By the man’s own admission, swimming with humpback whales and a motorcycle trip along the Wall of Death gave him the most unforgettable impressions. Asher went to visit countless crabs on Christmas Island.

In addition, the Briton became the author of a popular blog and book “Sold Life”, which he dedicated to the people who dream of changes in life. After all his adventures, Ian bought a small island off the coast of Panama, built a house for a leisurely life of pleasure.

Such a successful adventure of Asher brought him not only a lot of unforgettable emotions and moments, but also gave him a new love named Mo.

The lovers toured several other countries together.

The Briton says that he bought this island in order to enjoy a little more the carelessness of the existence of an unemployed person. Ian Asher’s picturesque possessions are located on the border of Costa Rica and Panama. There are wonderful beaches, tropics and landscapes that take your breath away.
The Briton became famous all over the world for his amazing story. And the Disney company became interested in the possibility of a film adaptation of his life.

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