There was a lump of fur lying near the old bed. The girl held out her hand, and it started to move

One day a girl named Killeen Turner was passing by an abandoned house. She saw a strange object in its backyard. There was a lump of fur lying near the old bed. Killeen decided to see what it was. It turned out to be a dog.
The poor dog looked really terrible. “Just skin and bones,” Turner thought. The dog was not a mongrel. It was a shepherd. The animal somehow got its front paws stuck in the twisted springs of an old bed.

He couldn’t get out on his own. Apparently, he didn’t succeed in calling for help either. It is not known how long the dog spent in the trap. But certainly, not for a week.

Killeen helped the animal to get out of the trap. Taking the dog up in her arms, the girl went to the vet. The dog looked so exhausted that he couldn’t even whine. He just looked at his savior with grateful eyes. Turner was very afraid that the animal would die right in her arms. Luckily, she was able to save the dog’s life.

The vet found a large number of diseases: exhaustion, dehydration, scabies and more. He also determined the age of the shepherd dog – six months. Killeen did not spare her money to help the animal recover.

After leaving the dog at the clinic, Turner visited him almost every day. The girl firmly decided that as soon as the shepherd is healthy, she will take him to her house. Killeen has even come up with a nickname for the dog – Karo.

Over time, he began to transform. His body was covered with thick and black fur.

He gained weight and soon Karo moved to Killeen’s house.

The girl says that the dog is very kind and cute. Although he lives with her for a couple of months, Turner can’t imagine her life without the dog.

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