Be born with beautiful hair, and you will always be happy!

So cute and lovely!

Human nature has a certain sense of humor: either the ears are spread out, or the nose is big. Someone has been trying to grow an extra bunch of hair on his head all his life, and someone gets a gorgeous head of hair from birth. And it gets just like that, without any diets or salon procedures. And so, the question is, where is justice? Looking at these cute babies, you try to hide your surprise – isn’t this a wig?

This little girl has lovely curls.

I got the role of Brownie Kuzya…

So that’s what you are – a hedgehog?

You might ask, what my advertising fee is!

Girls, the haircut should be stylish!

Dunya let down her braids

The smiling sun

The star of the screen!

Curlers? What are you talking about?

It’s not just my hairstyle that’s cool. I also know how to blow bubbles.

The red-haired Diva.

Oh, my hair stood on end with surprise!

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