A girl or a doll? What she looks like after 9 years

This girl became famous at the age of 2 thanks to her appearance of a doll. Because of her extraordinary beauty and stunning appearance, the adorable kid attracted and made everyone admire her. Even at such an early age, she started modeling.

The little girl got the nickname “The Famous Doll”, as she looked just like a doll.

Aira’s astonishing photos went viral on the internet. People didn’t believe she was a human being. Some people even condemned the company for editing the photos so much, they didn’t look real.

However, later on people just admitted that the girl was a real human being. She just had an unreal beauty.

We still don’t know if the girl was able to have a normal childhood playing outside with other kids, or she was just too busy modeling.

Indeed, Aira was so popular, that every photographer wanted to have her as their model.

With her growth, most of the agencies refused to cooperate with her any more. And the girl’s popularity was slowly disappearing.

There are some agencies left, that still agree to invite the girl to photoshoots. But this is a rare thing now.

Like her peers, Aira also has accounts on social media. The girl regularly posts photos, and there are some people that still call her “a doll”.

Do you think she’s now just as beautiful?

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