Having lost their cat, the couple adopted a kitten with a very similar fate.

This year a kitten with the nickname Winston was brought to an animal shelter in Nashville. Earlier, someone threw her under a driving car.  As a result, she got injuries, but managed to recover and get well.

Animal rights activists Jamie and Brian learned about the incident and wanted to help the kitten recover and socialize.

In the past, they adopted Timmy – a three legged cat – from a shelter, that had also seen a lot in his lifetime. They took the kitten out of the shelter and surrounded him with love. Unfortunately, after a while Timmy died of cancer. And Jamie and Brian again felt the absence of a pet in their home.  They really wanted to to give love, and help someone in need, so they decided to adopt a kitten.

Hardly have they seen Winston’s photo, they immediately realized he was the one! They were attracted by his smart eyes and soft fur, as Jamie recalls. “We realized, we had found our kitten”, tells the activist.

They met in the vet hospital, where a doctor was taking care of  the kitten after the surgery. The meeting only strengthened the determination of the couple to adopt the furry kitten. The little cat felt the same way. He had just undergone surgery, but that didn’t stop him from curling up in the arms of his new owner and having fun playing. Winston showed his cheerful nature straight away.

Further events did not develop in the best way. Turned out, the cat’s paw wasn’t all right. The owners again turned to the doctor. He later informed, that the cat would live, but he needed to sacrifice his paw. This way, Winston was going to be thrree-legged, just like his predecessor Timmy.

At least he stayed alive, which is the most important! Soon, after another surgery, Winston learned how to run and jump with three legs. By the way, the doctor to operate on Winston, was the same who had operated on Timmy before. That’s why the couple was calm about the result.

Finally, all the tests were over. The kitten happily settled in the house of Jamie and Brian, gained some weight, became even more playful, and also made friends with the other cats living in the house and a dog named Shiner.

Most recently, Winston’s life was hanging by a thread, and now he lives in love and prosperity. Let it always be like this!

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