Amazing Interior From Victorian Era: What do you think?

Let’s discover the Villa Albicini together 🤩 This masterpiesce was designed by legends 🤯 It  invites you to discover its enchanting beauty 😍 Photos are available in comments

The big house is called ‘Villa Albicini’ by locals.

This large home was designed and built by the famous architect Philip Trammell Schutze for the respected Horgan family of Macon in 1927.

The house in Macon has attracted people’s attention as a really amazing example of classical architecture in the Italian Baroque style.


The house has 3,420 square feet of space with three bedrooms and four bathrooms. It has some really cool features, like a beautiful circular hall with a dome and skylight in the middle of the house.


Inside, there’s a gorgeous Sienna marble fireplace and pretty hand-painted wallpaper with Chinese-style designs.


The Outside Of The House

The outside of the house is painted light yellow and has some moss growing on it, which gives it a peaceful and welcoming feeling. It looks calm and quiet, which homeowners would love coming back to.

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