How do the Artamkin quintuplets live 12 years later, and are their parents together?

Becoming parents of 5 babies at the same time is not only a great joy, but also a great responsibility. Unfortunately, not every man is ready to take such a responsibility. So it’s a common thing, when mothers of many children stay alone with their problems.

Varvara and Dimitri had been good friends since school. Then they started a romantic relationship. Their parents weren’t against their love. And right after their graduation, the young couple got married. They swore allegiance both in the register office and in church. The Artamkin family from Moscow was built.

The young wife worked at school as a teacher, and her husband lectured in mathematics at a higher educational institution. As you can guess, they never had enough money. Her first childbirth ended with the illness and death of the child. Varya had to undergo hormonal treatment for a long time. This led to Varya having multiple children during her second pregnancy.

During the first planned ultrasound, four embryos were seen. Then, after looking closely, they noticed the fifth one too. Not only the parents, but the doctors in the hospital were also shocked.

The doctors suggested keeping only three of the babies because of the possible difficulties, which could harm not only the other babies, but also their mother. However, the future parents refused outright. They didn’t want to commit such a sin.

The parents asked many doctors for help, but they all just threw up their hands. Doctors were afraid to take on such a responsibility. The death risk was very high. It’s also very difficult to keep so many children.

The family decided to go abroad. And for this they needed a lot of money. So the parents wrote about their story on social media. All the necessary amount of money was transferred by one person. It’s still a secret who it was.

One of the hospitals in the UK accepted them. Varya was at the 15th week of pregnancy back then. Doctors put all their efforts for this pregnancy to have a happy ending. The girls were born at the 26th week of pregnancy. Doctors looked after them for a few months. After all the hardship, the big family could, finally, return home.

At the airport they were greeted with honor. The city authorities handed them keys to a four-room apartment in a new building. Now there was enough room for everyone.

At first, of course, it was quite difficult. All 5 babies wanted to eat, sleep, new diapers at the same time. Varya never went back to her job. And what about breaks?

In the future, the officials helped them with kindergarten, then with school. They did so for the sisters to learn together.

In general, this is a normal family, with joyful and sorrowful moments. 12 years have passed since then. The parents are still raising their children with love and faith to God. In addition to regular school and various clubs, girls also attend a Sunday school.

Dimitri doesn’t use his job as a reason to avoid the upbringing of his children. He has always been and will always be a supportive husband for his wife.

We all can remember at least one similar case, where the husband, unable to stand it, left his wife with their children alone. And they are not even able to pay alimony. Maybe you also remember the story of Oksana Kobeletskaya?

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