Indian girl survived her father’s attack and became disabled

This girl is Anmol Rodriguez. She would’ve had a normal life, if her father hadn’t attacked her. This made her disabled and deprived her of her mother. However, she never gave up. The girl became active and full of life. Now she has her own charitable foundation, is a beginner model, an actress and a blogger.

She posts videos on social media to show, that people with different appearance also exist. Besides, she highlights the problems of acid attack victims. By this she means that beauty is in our eyes.

How the girl with no friends managed to gather an audience of more than 40K people.

The story began long ago, when Anmol was only 2 months old. Her father poured acid on her and her mother. In India it is a common method to revenge a woman who refused to marry or somehow didn’t please someone. He pored acid on the girl’s mother, just because she hadn’t given birth to a boy.

The mother died from the burns. The girl managed to survive, but the first 5 years of her life she spent in hospitals. She lost one of her eyes, underwent numerous surgeries and lived with unbearable pain. When she recovered a little, she was sent to an orphanage, as she had no relatives left. The girl told, other children there never laughed at her appearance, but also didn’t want to make friends with her. As a child, she didn’t understand how she was different from others.

As she grew up, she faced discrimination. She was fired from her job several times, because she looked different. Still, this never depressed her. Anmol has a strong personality, that helped her overcome all difficulties.

She entered university, where she found a mentor, named Kiran Gandhi. The woman felt the strength of the girl’s spirit and helped her in every possible way. They studied English together, Kiran cared about the girl and loved her.

The girl is fully aware, that she in no way matches modern beauty standards. But she is not upset about this. Anmol likes to experiment on her appearance. She has recently dyed her hair green. Admiring her life position, one of the clothing brands offered her to become a model.

Anmol films touching and cute videos, where she inspires people to accept and love themselves the way they are. She proves, that everyone in this world can be happy!

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