In the USA a nurse broke the rules of the hospital and saved the life of a newborn

This story with a real happy end happened 21 years ago. The international mass media wrote about this.

Twins Brielle and Kiri were born in one of the hospitals in America prematurely, at the 28th week. The weight of the babies did not exceed 900 g, and doctors fought for their health and life in every way. The girls, still very weak, were put in different incubators, and very soon Brielle began to gain weight. Kiri, in her turn, didn’t get any better, and doctors had no hope for a positive outcome.

There was a nurse taking care of the newborns, named Gayla Gasparyan. Her one idea changed everything. In contrary to the rules, she decided to put Kiri next to her sister. She believed, twins should not be separated.

Imagine her surprise, when she came to check on them and saw Brielle hugging her sister with her tiny hand. Doctors were even more surprised, when they saw that Kiri’s pulse was normal, and the girl also began to gain weight rapidly. From then on, one of the rules of the hospital was changed: twin were always put in the same crib.

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