André Rieu and his orchestra performed a waltz written by Anthony Hopkins

Most probably, there is no such person in the world that doesn’t know amazing actor Anthony Hopkins. His roles and characters embodied on the screen will forever remain in our minds. Anthony Hopkins was born in Margam, Wales. His parents – Richard Arthur and Muriel Anna – were bakers and owned a bakery. After finishing school, Anthony entered the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and graduated with honors in 1957.

In the early 70s, the actor moved to the USA. The actor achieved real success and world fame in the early 90s. He has been awarded an Oscar, two Emmys and four BAFTA. In 2015, fans found out about Hopkin’s musical talent.

The waltz “And the waltz goes on”, written by the actor 50 years ago, was performed by a famous musician André Rieu. This melody is so beautiful and romantic, that it makes your heart melt. Just amazing!

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