14 years ago this woman gave birth to quadruplets, a copy of each other

Multifetal gestation is not a frequent phenomenon. Statistics show, that probability of having twins is 2%. And in case of quadruplets it’s estimated to be one case in several tens of millions.

And still, miracles happen. 14 years ago, Julia’s first ultrasound showed there were 4 embryos in her womb at once.

The case was quite complicated,. After all, the babies were developing in one placenta, and no one could guarantee that all 4 of them would be born healthy. They even offered the woman to get rid of them, but she flatly refused.

After the caesarean section all babies turned out to be healthy. Only two of them had small weight, which quickly returned to normal.

The most surprising thing, however, is not that Julia gave birth to quadruplets, but the fact that all of them are incredibly similar to each other. Nothing changed over the years. The girls are constantly taken for one another.

People are interested in this unusual family. They look at them closely and always try to find some similarities between the girls. There are, in fact, very few of them. They even wear similar glasses.

The girls are happy with this state of affairs, because now they take advantage from their popularity. The sisters have already been offered cooperation with several clothing brands.

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