Celebrities “over 60” who definitely know a lot about modern fashion

The older they get, the more elegant they look

Despite the fact that many of these beautiful ladies have already managed to overcome 50 years of their lives, any young girl may envy their appearance. These women are the real embodiment of grace and elegance. The list includes the most fashionable elderly celebrities, who never lost their taste with age.

Carolina Herrera – 79 years old

Carmen Dell’Orefice – 87 years old

Iris Apfel – 96 years old

Meryl Streep – 69 years old

Diane von Furstenberg – 71 years old

Diane Keaton – 72 years old

Lauren Hutton – 74 years old

Helen Mirren – 72 years old

Sigourney Weaver – 68 years old

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