New photo of the famous Stallone with his wife and daughters

Good luck to the graduate!

Recently, famous Hollywood actor, director, writer Sylvester Stallone posted a family photo on his Instagram account.

His youngest daughter, who’s 19, got her high school diploma

This became the reason for a small celebration, where the 74-year-old father offered touching congratulations to his daughter in honor of entering her adult life.

His followers reacted crazily to the family photo.

In the comments, they congratulated the graduate and wished her happiness and good luck in achieving her goals.

All children of Stallone got a number of compliments. The followers even took the 52-year-old wife of the actor for his 4th daughter.

In 2022, the star of Hollywood blockbusters of the 80s is waiting for another significant celebration – the “silver” anniversary of living together with Flavin, a model, artist, businesswoman.

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