Recalling her youth: 52-year-old Lopez boasted about her perfect figure, showing off her bra

She never ages!

Famous American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, who has already turned 52, strives to keep up with the youth. Recently, the actress has amazed her fans with racy photos, attracting them with her stylish look.

Lopez appeared on stage wearing a bra and a jacket which completed the look. The fans of this 52-year-old Hollywood diva also paid attention to her perky hairstyle – stylish ponytails.

“Cool!” “She never ages!”, “Looks like a teenager”, What abs!”, “She’s got a figure with no single crease”, “A very effective woman”.

“I wonder if she will wear this in her 60s”, “Why not if the figure lets her to?”, “What an aunty”, “Recalled her youth” – were written in the comments.

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