Photos taken by the paparazzi have upset the fans of 72-year-old Gere

Flabby old man!

Richard Gere celebrated his 72nd birthday. It seemed like yesterday we were pining for the young actor, watching the development of his cinematic relationship with the “Pretty Woman”.

Today, Gere rarely appears on the screens, as he is enjoying a relationship with his young chosen one. Not so long ago, the paparazzi managed to capture Richard on vacation. “How fast time flies!”

“Gere is not the same anymore”, “How he has aged!” “We all just age”, “Not bad for his age”, “And who’s going to look after the baby?”

“Did they even think about the baby?”, “Richard has aged and turned into a grandpa”, wrote Gere’s fans. Write down in the comments what you think about this transformation.

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