Stray four-legged mom was barking loudly, helplessly calling people to help her puppy

Her puppy needed help and she did everything to catch people’s attention!

We know many cases when a dog selflessly fight for its cubs, protecting them in every possible way. The hero of this article is a stray four-legged mom living in India. She knew for sure her puppy needed help, so she did every possible thing to catch attention.

The dog was standing in the middle of the street and barking helplessly. From her voice it was obvious that she was concerned. People approached to figure out the reason of the animal’s such behavior. Everything became clear when they approached her. The dog was crying so loudly, because her puppy was lying next to her. The little creature was in need of help.

After witnessing this heartbreaking picture, one of the passers-by called the animal rescue organization Animal Aid Unlimited. Soon volunteers arrived at the mentioned place. The dog was friendly to the newcomers, as she realized, they had come to help the little creature. The mother of the tiny puppy completely trusted the visitors, realizing that her baby’s life depended on them.

When the volunteers carefully lifted the baby from the ground, it squealed in pain and began to “scream”.

The baby was taken away from the street, and its mom followed the volunteers. She never lost the tiny creature from her sight and kept following the person who was carrying her puppy. The baby, whimpering in pain, was put on a table, so that the volunteers could wash its wounds. Despite the unpleasant feelings, he courageously endured all the manipulations, realizing that it was for the good.

After applying some medicine to the wounds, the baby was wrapped in a thick bandage and the they fed the little dog. He was getting better and became more active.

After a while, the cub fully recovered! At first he was slightly limping, but as his wounds healed, he felt better and better. Soon he started running actively and now he has changed a lot.

Well, his mom was right! She knew her little cub was in need of help. She couldn’t help him on her own, so she asked help from people. And it’s great that the help came in time!

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