Handsome men only get even more handsome over time! Here are 10 proofs to that

It’s commonly accepted to compare women with flowers and men with wine.

Females, as it’s believed, look good in their youth, but then they lose their attractiveness. It’s not the same with males. With age, charisma and desirability are added to their beautiful appearance. Hollywood actors are a proof to this!

Jake Gyllenhaal, 38 and 22

Ryan Gosling. 37 and 18

Christian Bale, 47 and 22

Dwayne Johnson, 47 and 25

Tom Cruise, 56 and 33

Tom Hardy, 41 and 28

Bradley Cooper, 44 and 31

Matt Dillon, 56 and 26

Ryan Reynolds, 41 and 26

Daniel Craig, 52 and 27

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