This girl from Morocco gave birth to 9 children at once

Halima is now a happy mother of 5 girls and 4 boys

Twins are considered a rare phenomenon. And what about the cases, when a woman gives birth to more than 2 babies? Such a thing happened to a girl from Mali.

The name of the hero-mother from this west African country is Halima Cisse. She never planned to have so many children at the age of 25. And now, Halima is a happy mother of 5 girls and 4 boys.

The young woman was under the care of doctors not from Mali, but from Morocco. All, because in case of a natural labor, both the babies and their mother might have not survived. Therefore, when each of the babies grew up to 500g, doctors carried out Caesarean section. All the babies survived.

However, the babies had to undergo a hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Their height and development level were too low for them to be allowed home in Mali. Halima says: “The babies are wonderful. I like taking care of them. I’m happy, that the babies are getting stronger day by day, so I think, very soon, we can refuse to stay in hospital. We really want to go home!”

Doctors promise to let the huge family go home soon. All 9 babies are developing properly, and there is no need for them to be kept in an incubator. There’s one thing to remember: the babies were born in summer, and this is the only time they are ready to go out.

Usually, multifetal gestations occur as a result of IVF. But in case of Cisse, everything was natural. According to gynecologists, the chance is one in a million.

Some people believe, that the African origin of the children’s parents played a great role here. But the research shows, that racial characteristics in no way affect the number of offspring. That’s exactly why Cisse’s case may be considered unique, both for her, and for the history of medicine.

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