Alain Delon is no longer the same!

It’s hard to believe that our favorite artists are aging so quickly (

The legendary and famous French actor, whose fame and recognition are known all over the world, is turning 86 this year. In his already old years the artist prefers a quiet lifestyle. Not only his appearance, but his priorities in life have also changed. Now, the legendary actor prefers an inactive lifestyle. He has excluded extra people from his life and keeps in touch only with close relatives and friends.

Last year, the world famous actor had a stroke. Fortunately, the actor survived it and is now slowly getting back to his normal everyday life. The actor’s life can be considered successful. He has founded his own big company, is recognized as the beauty standard of the last century. The popular actor also has enough finances, he earned his wealth on his own, during his career. A few years ago, the legendary actor founded his own film studio where he carried out all his plans. He has also done some director’s work.

The talented artist has also succeeded in directing. Now the actor is not like in the old days. He very rarely goes out in public, and gives interview to curious journalists less and less. The journalists, however, try to catch the actor more and more in the camera. The last time the actor came out in public was at the funeral of his close friend and colleague Jean-Paul Belmondo. Delon just couldn’t help but say goodbye to him.

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