Diver didn’t understand what the whale shark wanted from him, until it grabbed his arm

It’s great that the shark and the diver met each other that day!

The meeting with a whale shark itself, which is considered the largest fish in the world, is amazing. And this group of divers will remember this specific meeting forever.

When the whale shark was approaching one of the divers, he expected the marine giant to just swim by, as it usually happens. But instead, this wonderful creature carefully pulled his arm.

At first, the diver was confused, and his team began to worry about the safety of their colleague. However, the shark let go of the diver’s hand just as quickly, as it had grabbed it.

When the shark was slowly passing by him, the diver noticed a thick fishing rope wrapped around the animal that got around it’s fins. Without wasting time, the diver took out his folding knife and cut the rope.

The rescue operation of the shark whale lasted less than a minute. However, judging by the condition of the animal’s skin and the rope itself, it might’ve been there for quite a long time. Maybe even for years, that brought incredible torment and inconvenience to the poor creature.

Despite its frightening appearance and gigantic size, whale shark doesn’t attack people, unless, of course, it has to protect its cubs. So, this giant animal can be a great companion for divers!

The giant thanked its savor with amazing sounds. After all, he had finally saved it from the accursed shackles!

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