“Aged and haggard”: Alain Delon’s son published a rare video with his 86-year-old father

Sweet father-and-son relationship

Despite the fact that the famous actor, Alain Delon, often appears on the Internet in various videos and photos, he is not the one who runs the account.

The Instagram of the famous actor is led by his own son, although we can say that the account is double, because it is called by their two names. There Anthony (that’s the name of the actor’s son) posts various photos with his father, who is already 86 years old.


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Not so long ago, he posted an atmospheric video from a walk in a late spring green park. In the video he asked his father if Alain liked that place. The actor replied that it was very good there, then the camera turned in the other direction, showing the audience all the beauties of the forest.

It is impossible to find anything negative in the comments. Everyone is very happy for Alain, who went out to a wonderful park for a walk. They also thank Anthony, who spends a lot of time with his father.

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