Jennifer Lopez showed her mom: what a beautiful woman!

She’s lucky to have such amazing genes!

Popular singer Jennifer Lopez looks very much alike to her mom. At 52, J Lo looks just great, and all thanks to her amazing genes.

And now take a look at her mom! Even at 76, the woman looks amazing!

Guadalupe is a famous mom, a very pretty, charming, intelligent and bright woman. J Lo has mentioned her mom in her interviews more than once and said that she was very proud to have a mother like her.

At the age of 76, Guadeloupe “dances” with her daughter, attends gym, plays with her grandchildren and keeps fit. Moreover, the woman carefully monitors her diet, avoids eating junk food and drinks lots of water.

By the way, it’s rumored that Jennifer very often visits plastic surgeons. But the celebrity claims that this is not the case. To prove this, she posted several photos with no makeup and Photoshop.

Her appearance is still youthful and fresh. And all this is due to the colossal work on herself.

What do you think of J Lo and her mother?

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