Pierce Brosnan’s marriage has been delighting colleagues and fans for already 20 years

Pierce Brosnan and his wife are the couple we will never stop admiring

Pierce Brosnan is a famous Hollywood actor and a really handsome man. In films he is often pictured as a ladies’ man and a playboy, but in reality, he’s far from his screen roles. The actor has been loyal to only one woman for already 20 years. Pierce Brosnan and his wife have always attracted colleagues and fans.

Pierce Brosnan and his wife

Apparently, Pierce Brosnan is in a perfect relationship with his wife Keely Shaye Smith. Despite all the hardships, there’s a strong love between them with no lies and betrayal. Their marriage has withstood everything: fame, press criticism, age and physical changes. But the spouses love each other: you can see this with the naked eye just by looking at their photos.

Keely Shaye Smith is Brosnan’s second wife. A terrible disease took the life of his first wife – Cassandra Harris. She was the one to insist that Pierce played the role of James Bond. The actor adopted two of her children from her first marriage, and then they had another son together.

Three years after the heavy loss, fate smiled at Pierce. He met Keely Shaye Smith in the Mexican resort town of Cabo San Lucas. Keely was a journalist back then and was to interview Ted Danson. But the meeting was canceled. At least Keely met Pierce Brosnan, who would later become the love of her life.

The actor liked the smart and beautiful journalist right away. Her eyes were full of intelligence and almost childlike joy. It was very interesting to chat with her. And the actor attracted Keely, too. She recalls that evening like this: “We were sitting under the stars and he was holding my hand. Fireworks exploded over our heads while Kenny Loggins was singing. We talked until 3 a.m. He was adorable. Tall, dark-haired and handsome – all this would attract everyone. There was a kind of mischievous glint in his eyes. And I was like ‘Wow! Amazing!’ ”

Got married already having two children

The couple married 7 years after their first meeting. They were already parents of two children – Dylan and Pierce. The wedding ceremony was held in Pierce Brosnan’s homeland – in picturesque Ireland. This perfect wedding was played in an old church founded in the XIII century. They were glowing with happiness like a medieval prince and princess.

After the birth of their sons, the press started unpleasant rumors about Keely. Because of hormonal disorders, she had gained some weight, which brought about a wave of criticism. It was rumored, that Pierce wouldn’t like to live with such a chubby woman and he would soon leave her. Journalists called him “handsome”, and called her a “beast”. We still wonder just how cruel people can be, and we can’t even imagine how hard it was for this Hollywood couple.

However, their relationship was in no way affected by the fact that Keely no longer had a 60cm waist. After all, she had given birth to 2 children. It’s natural that her figure wouldn’t be the same! “Keely Shaye has good many advantages, but I especially love the fact that she’s an independent woman, and will be able to live without me, if, heaven forbid, we happen to part. That’s probably why I’m ready to do everything for this to never happen”, admits Pierce Brosnan.

The couple that shines with happiness

Now Pierce Brosnan and his wife are no longer 20. Together they are engaged in charity projects dedicated to environmental protection.  Also, the celebrity couple still loves each other and appreciates every minute spent together. Their amazing photos on Instagram are a proof to this.

The actor posted this cute photo on his 67th birthday. Pierce and his wife spent it on the beach. They are kissing and holding glasses of champagne, celebrating the birthday. “Thank you for the moon and sun and all the days of our lives together my darling heart Keely”, wrote the actor.

Here’s another photo of Pierce, but this time with his son Dylan. The young man graduated from the School of Cinematic Arts. Will follow his father’s path!

Pierce Brosnan and his wife are the couple we will never stop admiring. Smart, talented and charming – they have lived more than 20 years together and still love each other the same way. Wish everyone such a strong love!

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