“Went through a lot of hardships”: How “Miss Italy” looks after 3 years

It’s impossible not to admire the courage and fortitude of this woman!

In 2007, Gessica Notaro took part in Italian beauty pageant and made it to the finals. This let her achieve some heights in her television career and opened up many opportunities for its growth. But 10 years later, all her plans were crossed out by one accident.

Since then, Gessica has become an activist and started to fight against similar behavior towards other women. She talks about what she had to go through in her blog.

In 2017, Gessica’s ex-boyfriend Jorge Tavares caused irreparable damage to the girl’s health and appearance. In the past, they had a serious relationship with Tavares. But the guy was too hot-tempered, so the girl decided to break up with him.

But the young man refused to let his beloved woman go. He tried to get her back for a while, but the court forbade Tavares to approach Gessica. This, however, didn’t stop the guy. He waited for the woman sat her house, and poured concentrated sulfuric acid over her.

Despite all the horrors she experienced, the woman didn’t give up. She underwent several operations, lost one of her eyes, but fully recovered mentally. She still leads an active lifestyle. In addition, our heroine considers it her duty to help those in a similar situation.

Now Gessica’s private life is also all right. She’s dating an Italian guy named Marco. Notaro was recently seen in Venice Film Festival. She looked great in an elegant dress. She covered her injured eye with a stylish bandage. It’s impossible not to admire the courage and fortitude of this woman.

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