Spaniard creates sculptures of animals out of sand that look hyperrealistic

He likes to sculpt especially animals out of sand, because they are “unique, beautiful and have great wisdom”

For truly talented people, everything in their surroundings can become an inspiration for creating masterpieces. One of such people can be considered Andoni Bastorrica. This man from Spain became famous in his homeland thanks to his incredibly detailed and realistic sculptures of sand animals.

The Spaniard told he took up this occupation in 2010, when he made the sculpture of a little mermaid for the first time. The last decade the man has devoted to the development of his talent.

“Sand fascinates and teaches me something new every time. Millions of grains of sand participate in the creation of the sculpture, working together to turn into something beautiful. But as soon as a person retreats, his creation remains at the mercy of nature. Sooner or later it will take its toll”, shared Andoni his thoughts.

He thinks, people should take an example from sand grains – only together can we achieve really great things.

As the Spaniard says himself, he likes to sculpt animals out of sand, because they are “unique, beautiful and have great wisdom”.

“I like the honesty with which they come and leave this world. People constantly change their faces and play different roles. All this is strange to animals”.

Andoni uses wet sand, as well as glass and coloring powders of natural origin for his sculptures.

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