Lovelace and brawler: How Mel Gibson almost lost his career in Hollywood because of scandalous antics

Some of the most vivid scandals of the Oscar-winning actor

On January 3, Mel Gibson turns 66. When he was 30, the People recognized him as the most handsome man in the world. For many years in the cinema , the actor managed to star in dozens of blockbusters and directed the already iconic films Braveheart, The Passion Of The Christ and Apocalypto. However, because of his behavior, the Oscar-winning actor almost crossed out brilliant achievements.  Let’s go over some of his most vivid scandals and announcements.

Anti-Semitic Statements

Mel Gibson has many times been accused of hating Jews. Winona Ryder remembered, that in 1995, Gibson boorishly asked if she was a Jewish “oven dodger”, referring to the ovens in which the Nazis burned millions of Jews. After the actress told about this incident, Mel was suspended from several projects.

In 2013, Gibson said in an interview, he wasn’t sure about the number of Jews killed during the Holocaust. The actor added, that his father also believed Holocaust was fake. A real scandal developed here. In many countries, laws are passed to protect historical truth, and the actor publicly questioned the fact of the extermination of Jews.

Mel’s film The Passion of the Christ also caused controversy. The film shows demonization of Jewish actors.

In 2012, Joe Eszterhas, the screenwriter of the film Basic Instinct, told that Mel Gibson postponed the shooting of the film about Judas Maccabeus, because he hated Jews. Gibson then announced, that all the accusations were complete lies.

Love Affairs and Domestic Violence

In his youth, Mel Gibson partied to the fullest — there was no account of his love affairs. But in 1980, Gibson married Robyn Moore. The spouses had 7 children. In 2009, it became known that Moore filed for divorce after three years of separation. And after a while, at one of the film premieres, the actor appeared on the red carpet with Oksana Grigorieva.

Soon it became known that Oksana was expecting a child from him. The couple had a daughter – Lucia. But their love life didn’t last long: Only a year after the baby’s birth, Gibson and Grigorieva broke up. Oksana accused her ex-lover of domestic violence, and he accused her of blackmail. Later, Mel admitted having raised his hand to the mother of his child. He made a deal with the investigation to mitigate the punishment.

Initially, they intended to part without quarrels, so that they could raise their daughter together. This, however, didn’t work out. Numerous court sessions began, where custody issues over Lucia and financial disagreements were resolved.

After the breakup with Grigorieva, Gibson tried to get back together with his ex-wife, which didn’t work out. Now the actor is living with his new young lover – ex-athlete and writer Rosalind Ross. Together they are raising their little son.

Drinks and Fights

Gibson has always had drinking problems and he never denied it. He used to drink like a madman and fight a lot in his youth. In one of the brawls, the actor received a severe head injury. He was literally near death for three days. After this accident, Mel tried to reconsider his life. But, apparently, it did not work out, because he did not part with alcohol even after long courses of treatment.

In 1984, Gibson got in a car accident and for the first time he was deprived of his license for driving under the influence of alcohol. After that he was repeatedly caught driving while drunk. In 2006, the Police stopped him to check his documents while he was drunk again. Gibson got mad at the officers calling them Jews.

Blacklisted for 10 Years

Gibson’s scandalous antics almost cost him a brilliant career in Hollywood. He wasn’t offered any significant roles for a long time, and acting agencies terminated contracts with him.

Now Gibson is again in-demand. 12 films with his participation will soon be released.

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