15 unusual facts about the star of the “Magnificent Century” Meryem Uzerli

Becoming famous and popular was not her goal

On August 12, the performer of the role of Hurrem Sultan in the already iconic series will turn 38 years old. Prior to filming in Magnificent Century, Meryem Uzerli was an experienced actress and model, but with the release of the film on the screens, she gained worldwide fame. The actress had dreamed of cinema and theater since childhood. But becoming famous was not her goal. What do we know about Meryem?

Meryem Uzerli was born in 1983 in a German-Turkish family and became the fourth child of her mother (she has two older brothers from her mother’s first marriage and an older sister).

She had dreamed of becoming an actress since childhood, even in her school years she started studying in theater studios. Meryem says that she did not dream of popularity, but just wanted to give herself to her favorite profession.

When Meryem was in school, her mother Ursula was diagnosed with leukemia at an early stage. The woman spent several months in the hospital, lost half of her weight. Thanks to the efforts of doctors, she recovered. But Meryem was so shaken by the illness that she began to spend her free time with patients of the same hospital where her mother was lying. She did her best to brighten up their stay in treatment with interesting conversations.

Meryem entered the Theater College of Hamburg at the age of 16 and became the youngest student in its history.

Uzerli got the role of Hurrem Sultan in The Magnificent Century, beating thousands of other applicants. To do this, she made every effort, pulling up the level of knowledge of the Turkish language, gaining weight to match the image and showing all her acting skills.

The actress admitted that, being a reserved person in public, she cried a lot during the filming of the series, as she spent all her physical and emotional strength on her work.

“I hired a translator to understand the script. My Turkish was disgusting back then. But now, of course, I read and write in this language myself,” she admitted.

Meryem is not only a talented actress, but also an in-demand model who cooperates with well-known brands.

Meryem Uzerli has never been married. The actress is raising two daughters from different men — Lara and Lily.

The actress starred in the Magnificent Century for only three years. She literally ran away from the project because of problems in her personal life, pregnancy and moral burnout.

Meryem grew up as a bully and an active child. The actress admits that she likes to behave badly even now.

After filming in the series, Uzerli returned to her former weight, getting rid of the curvy forms of Hurrem. But she does not hide that she likes to eat, especially a hearty breakfast. For dinner, she orders food from restaurants, although she cooks well herself.

Meryem has her own cosmetics brand and a chain of pastry shops in Berlin.

Meryem Uzerli lost tens of thousands of dollars because of her ex-lover, conman Can Ateş, from whom she gave birth to her eldest daughter.

The actress prefers to look natural. In everyday life, she wears makeup that can be applied in 5-10 minutes. She does not visit cosmetologists, but she makes a hair mask once a week and applies moisturizer to her face twice a day.

Meryem does not have a certain style of clothing. If she likes things, she will wear them, despite the fact that according to the fashion canons they may not be combined.

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