Close-up of celebrities, or 30 celebrities you have never seen so close before

Nothing special, just normal human beings :)

We usually see celebrities with perfect skin, without a single wrinkle and hints of lack of sleep or poor nutrition. They always look fresh and rested, as if they have just returned from a vacation. But do they really look so good or do we just not have the opportunity to take a closer look at them? We lean towards the second option. And you can make sure that the celebrities are not so perfect if you look at them up close.

Katy Perry

Johnny Depp

Donald Trump

Kendall Jenner


Kim Kardashian

Jason Momoa

Bella Thorne

Marilyn Manson

Alessandra Ambrosio

Lady Gaga

Mila Kunis

Angelina Jolie

George Clooney

Goldie Hawn

Tori Spelling

Bella Hadid


Helena Bonham Carter


Jared Leto

Gwen Stefani

Anne Hathaway

Courtney Love

Scarlett Johansson

Lindsay Lohan

Pamela Anderson

Britney Spears

Billie Eilish

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