Life for show, children from surrogate mothers and the presidential race: Kardashian-West love story

Why did the most popular couple break up?!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were one of the strongest, most successful and brightest couples in the world. Some envied them, others even despised them, but few remained indifferent. Of course, some have not heard of them at all (who are these people?!). A while ago they officially decided to divorce. Why did this happen? What are they known for and why have they become so popular?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West met in the 2000s, remained friends for many years, and in 2012 began dating. Kim said that Kanye was, first of all, a very good friend for her, with whom she always found it funny and with whom she could share a lot.

West, meanwhile, has always been interested in Kardashian, but it didn’t go beyond friendship. As a result, she became a reality TV star, he received several prestigious Grammy music awards, and once they were among the stars in the front row at a fashion show in New York. The rapper decided to act. But he stumbled upon an obstacle in the form of a two-meter basketball player Chris Humphries, whom Kim had managed to marry by that time. Two years later, Kardashian and Humphries divorced, and West rushed into battle again . He called on dates, gave gifts and conquered the impregnable fortress. Then everything was like in a fairy tale – a marriage proposal at a specially rented stadium, a ring with a huge diamond, a luxurious wedding in Italy and the birth of children.

They got married in 2014.

The couple arranged a grand celebration on the wedding, held in the XV century Fort Belvedere fortress. The rent of the fortress cost the newlyweds 420 000 dollars. The lovers exchanged rings and vows of fidelity with the background of a giant corner wall made of millions of white peonies and roses. The ceremony was held to the musical accompaniment of the Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli.

The bride chose a traditional white dress from Givenchy for her wedding. The wedding outfit was created especially for Kim by her friend and creative director of the French brand Riccardo Tisci. By the evening, Kim had changed her wedding outfit. The groom was wearing a black tuxedo.

As reported by People magazine, Kanye was very nervous before the ceremony: “It’s funny how much he was worried. Obviously, he was aware of the importance of the moment. Even in the morning he was smiling a lot, but with the approach of the solemn event, you could see that he was getting more and more nervous. It’s quite natural for grooms.”

The main guest at the wedding was the bride and groom’s daughter North.

The girl, who was not yet a year old, was dressed in a white dress, and Kim and Kanye themselves were already preparing for additions to the family — the rapper dreamed of becoming a father with many children.

Despite all the pain that Kim Kardashian went through for the birth of her first two children (she barely gave birth to North, almost lost her uterus during the birth of Saint and fought for her figure for a long time), she fought to the last for the opportunity to become a mother again. For this, she even went under the surgeon’s knife. Alas, the operation was unsuccessful. The Kardashian-West family has made an official statement: the only way for Kim and Kanye is surrogacy.

So in the celebrity family, with the help of surrogate mothers, a daughter was born in 2018, named Chicago. In 2019, their son Psalm was born. “She’s here and we’re crazy about her. Kanye and I are happy to announce that our healthy and beautiful baby was born. We are immensely grateful to our surrogate mother, who gave us this wonderful gift, allowed our dreams to come true. We thank our wonderful doctors and nurses for their special care. North and Saint are especially looking forward to meeting their little sister,” Kardashian said about the birth of her daughter.

The Most Successful Couple

Over the years of their romance and family life, Kardashian and West have turned into one of the most successful couples in the world of show business. One of the brightest indicators of the achievements of the celebrities was their appearance on the cover of Vogue. This decision of the editor-in-chief of the American edition of the magazine Anna Wintour was revolutionary. A reality star with a scandalous past on the cover of the “fashion bible”?!

“One of the advantages of editing Vogue is the opportunity to include in the publication those who define culture, change it, and whose presence in the world shapes how it looks and affects our perception. I think we can all agree with the fact that Kim and Kanye are playing this role now,” Wintour said.

Kanye and Kim appeared on the more provocative covers of famous magazines, starred in reality shows together, excited fans and paparazzi, went out together, multiplied their bank accounts many times. One of the couple’s main sources of income was the fashion business. Kim began to produce clothes and underwear under her own name, Kanye began to satisfy his design ambitions. By the way, West completely changed the image of his wife and chose almost all the outfits in which she would go out and just appear in public.

In 2020, Kanye West stood for US presidential elections

On July 19, he held his first election rally in the state of South Carolina. “Now we must realize America’s hopes by trusting God, uniting our vision and building our future. I’m running for president of the United States,” the artist’s Twitter message said. Kanye never managed to become president. In addition, his great ambitions are rumored to have shaken his health and spoiled his relationship with his wife.

It is worth noting that in recent years, reports of Kanye West’s mental health problems have begun to appear more and more often. He disrupted concerts, got into rehabilitation clinics, provoked rumors of a divorce from Kardashian.

Kanye and Kim themselves preferred not to comment on the rumors of the imminent separation and demonstrated a family idyll. Although during quarantine, Kardashian admitted that she was literally going crazy at home with her children.

Recently, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West filed for divorce, Western media reported. The decision of the celebrities and parents with many children was mutual and was made peacefully. According to official documents, Kim decided to part with her husband, AP writes. She wants to be the main caretaker of their children.

“Their marriage broke up a long time ago. Kim feels like she did everything she could. Filing for divorce is something she’s been thinking about for a long time. She really did everything to avoid a breakup. They are too different and look at the future in different ways”, says the People magazine.

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