Paralyzed Rottweiler was thrown into a trash can… She got up and just walked away!)

When no one needs you, fight!

Suzanne was lying on the ground, propping up a dumpster with her back – one of thousands in the whole Florida. Her eyes were shut, her body was shaking, and her legs refused to obey. The girl was paralyzed – her entire backside below the croup had long lost its sensitivity…
Cars whizzed by: a busy highway lived its life nearby. And suddenly someone touched the animal’s head! Wearily, Suzanne opened her eyes – in front of her stood a woman who looked at the dog with compassion, taking a mobile phone out of her pocket…
A couple of minutes later, a car pulled up, several people got out of it and, together with the woman, shifted Suzanne onto a piece of tarpaulin. On these improvised stretchers, the dog was taken to the shelter.

All the bones are unharmed… Why doesn’t she walk?

The doctor found a good number of fleas, ticks and the consequences of malnutrition in the patient. Moreover, it was revealed that the Rottweiler was a victim of a breeder who kept her in a cage for several years and used her for breeding. And when the dog’s paws were taken away due to arthritis and improper maintenance, they quickly got rid of her in a way that we already know.
“We often find abandoned animals on this road,” says Lorie Cardon, a member of the Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue group. “And this is a very dangerous place. There are hundreds of trucks going at high speed. Many of the dogs don’t live to see us arrive…”
Suzanne was taken to the Boca Raton veterinary hospital for a blood transfusion and treatment. No one was sure if the dog would walk again, but Suzanne herself had already decided everything!

“That was the first time she started moving her legs, and we all burst into tears…”

Sue suddenly moved her limbs once she was brought to the pool to train her paws and began to try to swim! And this is just a week after the rescue.)
She was a little over three years old, so her body responded forcefully to the treatment and began to recover quickly.
“Even when I first saw Suzy (she couldn’t even really move), I noticed the will to live in her. The poor girl raised her head with an effort and licked my face! I also thought then that this beauty wants and will live a normal life!..” – said Lorie.
Volunteers and veterinarians did everything in their power. They made a recovery plan for their patient, fed her the healthiest food, performed laser procedures, gave painkillers to relieve pain in muscles and joints. The dog visited the pool regularly and made great progress there!
Along with this, the Rottweiler’s mood changed. Sue seemed to have grown younger, began to enjoy walks, smile, wag her tail and love everyone around! She especially liked to ride on the grass when no one was holding her on a leash.
A month has passed. In this wonderful and active doggie, no one can recognize that dying dog by the road anymore! The cute girl plays with her relatives, turns the yard of her native orphanage upside down and…waits.
She is waiting for the very Human who will reach out to her and say: “Well, hello, to you, a new member of my family! Welcome to a new and bright Home...
And this is exactly what she will definitely get!
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