“She was envied by everyone ..”: How the most famous girl in the world with a doll appearance has changed over the years

This girl was envied by many, especially mothers who wanted and did everything so that their daughters were at least a little like her.

This is a real mini-miss, who gained popularity due to her unusual doll appearance.

It seems that her life was wonderful, but it is not, the girl herself does not want to remember her childhood …

The girl’s name is Eden Wood, she was born in 2005 in the USA. When she was only fourteen months old, she had already entered her first beauty pageant. At this time, she had just begun to take her first steps and had not even learned to speak yet.

The girl’s mother thought that she had a great future in the modeling business, and she was right, as the girl managed to win as many as 300 competitions. However, at the age of six, the girl nevertheless ended her career.

Mickey Wood – the girl’s mother – did her daughter’s makeup herself, as well as hairstyles. Including controlling all her income and expenses, since she was still a baby and, of course, she could not do this herself. It seems that the main goal of the woman was money, and not the happiness of her daughter.

People began to notice that the girl became hyperactive, and red spots could be seen on her face and neck. In the end, it was found out that the mother stuffed her little daughter with energy drinks and dietary supplements so that she could withstand her difficult work schedule.

The girl became an adult too early, at the age of two she stood on her heels, visited a hairdresser, and makeup artist, and traveled all over the country.

Because of such intensive work, she began to have problems with the cardiovascular, endocrine, and digestive systems. It turns out that her mother did not feed her normally, but only tried to give her protein nutritional shakes.

In addition, it turned out that Eden’s mother forced her daughter to get used to painful procedures and this was all for the sake of beauty.

The girl is already an adult and no longer appears at beauty contests.

She lives a normal teenage life.

With age, the girl did not lose her beauty. She is fine even without makeup, so she looks natural and beautiful for her 15 years.

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