Dancing millionaire Gianluca Vacca arranged a luxurious discharge of his beloved from the hospital (video)

A few weeks ago, outrageous businessman Gianluca Vacca became a father for the first time. The mother of his daughter was the twenty-five-year-old beauty model Sharon Fonesca, who actively maintains her accounts on Instagram and TikTok.

For a long time, even before meeting his current wife, a fifty-three-year-old man assured him that he was not planning children. Apparently, the second half changed his priorities. During her pregnancy, Sharon Gianluca courted her sweetly. He also blew up the network with a dance video recorded right in the ward.

It is not surprising that immediately after the birth of the baby, Vacca arranged a whole series of surprises for his beloved. Discharged from the hospital, Sharon was met by servants in pink uniforms and a decorated house. What’s more, even the family’s Labradors wore pink uniforms.

The reaction of the young mother was recorded on video. She was amazed at how responsibly her husband approached the creation of home comfort. She especially liked the nursery for her little daughter.

The video appeared online with the caption: “Welcome home princess. We love you”. Fans of the millionaire are touched by this turn of events and actively congratulate the family on the replenishment.

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