Jolie’s daughter grew her hair and dressed like a girl

Angelina Jolie and her daughters decided to go shopping. For the release, the actress chose an outfit in dark colors, consisting of a loose T-shirt, jeans, and a jumper, which the beauty tied around her hips.

Jolie did not use makeup and tied her hair in a ponytail. Even in this image, the Hollywood actress looks charming.

The daughters of the star do not lag behind her in their style preferences. Zahara put on a top and wide trousers in an interesting khaki color. Vivien demonstrated the most ordinary T-shirt and simple shorts. But it was her fourteen-year-old daughter Jolie Shiloh who drew the most attention.

The girl retreated from her usual style of clothing in favor of femininity. She wore loose-fitting high-rise shorts and a hooded hoodie.

Netizens appreciated Shiloh’s “bow” and bombarded her with commendable comments.

They noted that a beautiful woman would grow out of her and wished Jolie’s daughter not to become a boy.

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