Brad Pitt’s mother dispelled the “perfect” image of Angelina Jolie as a mother with many children

His mother was against all his marriages

Brad Pitt is loved by many women, is a talented actor and just a handsome man. Perhaps he was able to create the perfect image, which the audience is delighted with. But friends say that Brad is a real “mama’s boy”.

He is very connected with his mother Jane, who is already 80 years old. And despite her advanced age, she still controls the life of her 56-year-old son.

Jane is no stranger to maternal jealousy. She did not oppose her son’s marriage to Jennifer Aniston, however, their divorce pleased her. In addition, rumors about a possible reunion of former spouses are now circulating on the Internet. But this will not happen, because the actor’s beloved mother is categorically against it.

As for Angelina Jolie, Jane immediately disliked her. They had a typical mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship, constant disputes, squabbles and scandals. The women fought for Pitt’s love and attention.

And for many years Angie won in this fight. After all, for 10 years Brad was a loving and devoted spouse. Despite his mother’s ban, he was able to build a family.

But still the marriage cracked, the couple separated, and Jane was only glad that she got rid of her daughter-in-law. However, Jolie forbade Jane to communicate with her children and just approach them.

Jane prepared an official statement in which she dispelled the “perfect” image of Jolie. The woman called the Hollywood actress an egoist, thinking about her own benefits, which destroyed the life of her son and the psyche of her grandchildren. Manipulative behavior of the actress has a bad effect on those around her.

Fortunately, Brad Pitt intervened in the situation, he forbade his mother to interfere in this story and the divorce process. And for now, it’s better for the woman to stay away. In addition, he is trying to divorce peacefully and resolve the conflict. Pitt and Jolie are already looking for ways to compromise.

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